Through co-creation and collaboration

We guide and empower you through a branding journey led by curiosity, and strategic design.

Hey, I’m Jackie

Founder and lead designer at JJ Creative.

I spend my days designing brands for purpose-led businesses, and I love what I do.

For me, design is about more than creating beautiful graphics for your business. It’s about connecting with you, the business owner on a personal level: working through pain points, and creating great results and amazing outcomes.

I know how much goes into running your own business, so I want to make it easier for you, giving you everything you need to bring the brand you’ve dreamed of into the world.


Our Values

Helping you create your version of freedom

This is the backbone of why I love what I do.

Helping you create an intentional online presence not only sets you apart and makes you look gorgeous online, it gets you so much closer to the alignment of your dreams and goals as a small business owner. A life that you carve out intentionally for you and the people you love.

Collaboration is key

We’re all about working together to understand you and your business — working collaboratively is how we deliver the best results and helps align expectations for final deliverables.  We’ve also found that creative ideas and magic tend to happen most when we’re in an open, empowering, and collaborative space with you.

This also prevents wasted time on revisions and miscommunications that can occur from working in silos or separately.

We keep things fun

We’re light hearted, curious, and focused in our approach, and we always aim to make our experience with you as enjoyable and fun as possible.

Aligning and growing your brand is exciting and a very creative process that we are honored to be a part of in your business journey.

Being bold and pushing boundaries is our thing

We aren’t afraid to push creative boundaries in every project we take on. We encourage openness, new ideas, and curiosity from our team and clients.

No idea is ever too small, big, or silly. And your brand deserves to shine from our imaginative and bold approach.

Ready to connect and learn more?