Why you need a strategic brand to grow your business

Whether you’re starting a new business on line this year or you’re transitioning your existing business to a more digital friendly space, it’s crucial to create every marketing component with purpose and alignment to who you’re selling to online. There has never been so much amazing opportunity on line than there is now, it’s truly mind blowing the options we have to be able to leverage social media, build an engaged audience, and be able to sell our products and services online. Along with this booming on line marketplace comes A LOT of competition and I hate to break it to you but you’re not the only one trying to grow an authentic brand and business online. I want you to erase any idea or belief that your brand is only your logo and colour palette. A custom brand strategy will help you rise above your competition so you can attract clients that truly light you up to work with. Here are 5 reasons why investing in your brand this year will help you skyrocket your business growth.


Visuals aren’t enough

Getting a color palette and some pretty images aren’t going to be enough in todays overly crowded market. You need to be intentional and strategic with every piece of content and marketing deliverable you create for potential customers. Why is that you ask? Because if your content isn’t addressing needs, painpoints, and desires of who you’re selling to, your brand will have an extremely difficult time getting and holding the attention of your future clients.


First impressions are everything

Let’s be real, first impressions are everything in life and online. How you look, feel, sound, and are experienced are all connected to your brand growth and strategy. Because competition is cut throat, if you don’t take time to be intentional with how you appear, sound, and make people feel, your potential clients will bounce and find your competitor who decided to make it a priority in their business! Plus wouldn’t you rather give new leads a WOW impression when they come across your brand on lnstagram or your website? Think about it, a first great impression is the start to a fulfilling long-term relationship with an amazing new client.


Position yourself as an expert

This is important especially as a service provider. People are paying YOU to solve a problem for them. They are trusting you with their hard earned dollars and it’s your job to build that trust with a brand that makes you and your business look trustworthy enough to invest in. So if you want to position yourself as a thought leader and expert, investing in a thoughtful, professional, memorable, and unique brand will help you achieve the recognition you deserve.


Stand out or die

I know how extreme this sounds but it’s the hard truth! I see this everywhere and it’s such an important reason to invest in your brand. With all the competition, if you aren’t focusing on what makes you memorable and unique, you will have a hard time reaching the people who want to work with you online. You’re changing lives, but you need to own what makes you special and give customers a reason to work with you. Because everyone that is considering working with you is silently saying in their head, “Why should I work with you and not your competitor?” A strategic brand will help you find that unique factor and make it a core part of your content and marketing strategy so you’re not constantly competing with everyone on price. At the end of the day, its psychology and it’s how we sift through all the information that’s thrown at us. Through differentiating what’s important and relevent to us. Differentiate yourself so you can attract and connect with the right people.


People want authenticity

Creating a strategic brand will help you amplify your strengths, quirks, weaknesses and bundle it up into one beautiful human like experience. And guess what? People want to work with humans, beautiful, flawed, emotional, evolving humans. So own this and turn it into a brand and community that people want to be a part of.


Where do I start?

Whether you’re new to branding for your business or you are in desperate need of a brand revamp to take your online presence to the next level, you can book a free discovery call with me here to learn how strategic branding can take your business growth to the next level.