5 ways to build trust as a service based business

Earning trust as a service provider is so important in the growth of your personal brand.

Your potential clients are ready to change their lives and you have the knowledge, life experience, and expertise to help them achieve their goals.

Maybe you’ve started a new online coaching or consulting business, or maybe you’ve rebranded your wellness business to adapt and carve your own unique spot in the market.

Either way, earning trust with your audience and potential clients is a very crucial step to growing your business and sales online.

Your potential clients want to work with someone they trust.

So start creating content that proves why they should choose and trust you to help ahieve their goals.

Here are 5 ways to leverage your brand to build trust with potential clients:


1. Position yourself as an expert.

What do you want to be known and remembered for?

Create content that showcases your knowledge and how you help your customers solve their problems.

Experiment with Facebook/insta lives, instagram stories, reels, carousels, collaborations with other creatives, blog posts & guest blogging, and evergreen video content.


2. Be intentional with how you want to look, sound, and feel online.

Does your visual brand paint you in the best light possible and does it vibe with your target market?

Does your website and social media accounts align to your overall business objectives, and are they consistent and intentional with the type of experience you want to create for customers?


3. Connect and relate on a human level.

If you can’t find a way to connect as a human and show off your unique self, your competitors will instead.

Also, this part is a key step leading to trust because this is where potential clients decide if they like you or not. If they can’t connect with your values, mission, and the story behind your business, it isn’t likely that they will trust you and therfore invest in your services.

Start sharing your story. This can include things that you love to do, mistakes you’ve made, and lessons you’ve learned in small bite sized stories.  Always connect this back to your target customer.


4. Prove it with user generated content.

Encourage your customers to share images, video, written content using your services, create contests, share reviews, testimonials, DMs.

Key here is to have fun and be creative. Make it as fun and enjoyable for your customers as possible.


5. Create valuable content that solves specific problems for your niche market.

The worst thing you can do is appeal to everyone as a service provider. This will slow down your results and it will water down your messaging.

Know exactly who you are serving and understand their current challenges and where they want to be. Write down the top three challenges and start creating content that helps eleviate pain from these challenges.

This content can be in the form of a freebie, blog, ebook, webinar, carousels, or short form video (reels or tik toks) to create small wins for your audience. Whatever one you choose, stick with it and only focus on 1-2 forms of content at first so you don’t get overwhelmed.

If you have questions about where to get started or just want to learn more about creating a trustworthy and unique brand for your business, book a free discovery call and let’s chat about your business goals.