I came across the work of Msichana through Instagram and I knew when I saw this clothing line that it had a unique and ethnic quality to it; a vibrant love in each design. I have always had an appreciation and love for fashion design, not only because of how it makes women feel, but also for it’s ability to represent all of us beautifully in our own unique ways. For Msichana it is also an opportunity to bring cultures together by providing an ethical approach to local fashion here in Edmonton. It’s a reminder for us to be aware of where our clothing actually comes from and to appreciate the love and work that goes into making each piece.

Tell me a little about yourself and your business. Where are you from? What do you do?

My name is Lorna Mutegyeki and I’m the founder and designer of Msichana Inc., which is ethical luxury fashion designed for the independent woman with a global soul.

My designs fuse ethnic fabrics and prints with contemporary design to give women an experience of other cultures while connecting with fellow women across the globe through our transparent production operations. We use fashion as a medium for collective action to empower and connect women across the globe through exposure to people, art and culture.

How did your business get started?

Fashion is my passion, it has always been my way of life, and the language I speak.

I had spent a while trying to find a way to apply my skills and passion to make a lasting meaningful impact on the world, harnessing the power of women to create this amazing universe. I love culture and I wanted to show the beauty in diversity, give people a way to connect, and experience other cultures.

Msichana takes fashion to that next level: a global community of people celebrating themselves and each other and working towards economic and social justice.

"I want women to embrace their bodies, to feel glorious and beautiful like the goddesses that they are."

What inspires you to do what you do?

I see so much beauty and power in the  people around me, I want them to see it too, to appreciate how unique they are and to shine so bright and light up the universe.

I want women to embrace their bodies, to feel glorious and beautiful like the goddesses that they are. To give them confidence to be bold, fearless and thus help other women feel and do the same.

What dreams or goals are you working towards with your business?

Firstly, for people to recognize Msichana and feel the love in our pieces, and to share that love with others. Secondly, to spark curiosity and appreciation for other cultures, and thirdly to create clothing of the finest quality, a tangible labour of love that our customers can feel the connection with the people that created it, and feel beautiful inside and out. And lastly for Msichana to be a mark of solidarity in a fight for economic and social justice, a global community or change makers.

Do you have any advice for someone starting out in the same industry?

Take time to understand your goals and stay true to yourself, do what you believe is right  and look to serve. It is in service that we find fulfilment.

What are three fun facts about yourself or your business?

Msichana means young woman in Swahili- Swahili language and is a result of cultures fusing , just like Msichana!

My mother is a fashion designer and is a principal part of Msichana, supervising the team as they craft each piece at our studio in Uganda.

I love to travel and experience culture, Msichana is my way of sharing that love through the pieces I design and the curated fabrics we use.

Anything else going on with your business that you’d like people to know about?

You can book 1:1 consultations with me or a mini party for special occasions where I can come to them for a personal shopping experience, or bespoke clothing: https://msichana.com/pages/booking

We also offer consultation services to help other fashion businesses looking to source/ produce their products ethically.

Where can people find you online?

Website: msichana.com

Facebook: Msichana.inc

Instagram: msichana.inc

Twitter: MsichanaInc

Linked In: Msichana Inc.