Fatima Kahedi

Welcome to Creative Leaders

I cannot be more excited to announce our new project “Creative Leaders”. Creative Leaders is essentially a collaborative project that features talented and hardworking creative entrepreneurs not only just from YEG but internationally as well. Talent resides locally and in all parts of the world, and we are passionate and eager to find it and share it. We believe through the power of collaboration and support within our entrepreneurial community that photographers, designers, artists, and any entrepreneur for that matter can feel more empowered and confident to succeed. Our goal is to use Creative Leaders as a tool to help promote talented creatives and their work and at the same time, inspire others through their amazing stories.

Fatima Kahedi

Fatima is our first feature for Creative Leaders and when I first met her, I was captured by her drive, energy, and creative flare. Fatima is a model and talented fashion designer. Her style is edgy, modern, and innovative and in my opinion, every piece is unique and a real work of art. We did an interview to learn more about her story and discover why she loves what she does.

1.) What do you love most about being a fashion designer and model?

I love the fact that they both are connected. Modelling brings the creativity out in me. By being a model, I needed more outfits for the photoshoots so I just started to make my own.

2.) What’s the most challenging thing about being a designer model?

The biggest challenge I’d say is to get the outfit done on time! When there is a shoot and you are trying to design a new piece that’s never been made yet, there are chances it can go wrong. 

3.) How did you get started in this industry?

As a model, I always had photoshoots coming up with new content and  ideas. For some ideas I needed just the right outfit to compliment it. So I started making my own clothing, costumes, and even accessories. 

4.) What are you goals as a designer/model? Where would you like to see yourself in the future?

I’d like to work more on designing and developing my own brand name. It is not easy, but it is one of the most exciting motivators for me right now.

5.)  Where do you find your inspiration? How do you plan your designs?

Instagram! This app has been my biggest inspiration. I follow hashtags that are all subjects I love to follow and that inspire me like fashion shows, street fashion, or even the royal family! I get ideas from all sorts of photos. I collect ideas and then try and bring them to life in one of my designs.

6.) Do you have any advice to give to someone starting out in the same industry?

If you ask me as a model, I’d say know who you work with, and try to always keep up a good positive work ethic and attitude. 

And as a new fashion designer, there is a lot to learn. But remember why you started this and remember why you are continuing to pursue it. Stay authentic and true to who you are and with this will come your very own unique ideas which you can turn into a reality. 


We did the photos overlooking the beautiful Edmonton city centre and river valley and as you can see the photos turned out remarkable thanks to our amazing photographer Kelly D. Thank you so much for making these photos an absolute one of a kind Kelly! I recommend anyone looking for a fantastic photographer in Edmonton area to contact him, his eye for detail, and ability to capture the perfect amount of lighting in each photo is spot on.