Branding 101

5 Branding Essentials for Your Business

Branding is a topic that tends to be highly misunderstood by many businesses. Nevertheless, it’s an important one to understand as branding really is the look, feel, mood, and identity that represents your business to your potential clients. You want them to have an amazing experience with your brand right? Understanding the basics will really help you develop a kick ass brand especially for those of you just starting out.

What is Branding?

Branding is identifying your business as unique and differentiating it from your competition. It’s the experience that your target audience gets when they come in contact with your product or service. When you think of this visually, it’s the images, designs, and the messaging that you incorporate in your online and print marketing materials to communicate with your audience.

But really though, it’s so much more than just your logo and colour palette. So here are the juicy essentials of having a great brand.

1.) Know your Audience

Your brand is your relationship between your business and your audience. It’s how your business is viewed and perceived by the public. Creating your brand identity is expressing visually how you want your business to be perceived by all your lovely clients and clients to be.

If you don’t know your audience branding is frankly worthless. Your brand identity should be based upon the concerns, needs, preferences, and lifestyle of your target audience.

2.) What is your why?

This part is key to having an awesome brand. Here you answer the difficult and deep questions as to why you started your business and why you are different from your competitors. What do your customers take away when they interact with you and your business? It answers not just what product you have, but rather a compelling brand story that explains your mission to your customers and why they should choose you over your competitors. It always helps to answer these questions, “Why does the world need my product?” and “Why was I inspired to create it? (I have attached a branding questionnaire for you to get started on figuring out your why).

3.) Get Professional Branding

So you know your why and the foundation of your brand and you know who your target audience is and why they will love you and your business. Now you just need some amazing branding for your business. The collection of all the brand elements like font’s logo, colours, textures, and content make up your brand identity. So here is where things get confusing. I hear questions like, “should I hire a professional to do my branding?” or, “can’t I just DIY all my branding?, it doesn’t look that hard!”. Honestly I say if you have the time, and the ability to create an amazing brand for your business, go for it! I know as many other business owners do, starting out is not cheap. There are some great DIY courses online. If on the other hand, you don’t have the time or the ability to create stellar branding for your business, it is really worth your while to hire a specialist that will work in your budget to audit your brand and get you on track with beautiful consistent branding for your business.

If you do have the budget and are a larger business that has been established for some time now, it really comes down to if you want to be taken seriously with your future clients. Having an edgy and professional brand not only sets you apart from your competition, but it also strengthens your impact on your customers. By having an appealing brand that speaks to them, it makes it that much easier for your target customers to find you in all the noise.

4.) Be Consistent

There is honestly nothing worse than seeing branding material that has an undecided amount of colours, fonts, and the messaging or content is all over the place. Your brand strategy should be clear and compelling to everyone who comes in contact with your product. Along with your colours, fonts, look and feel, and style of images, your brand messaging and content should remain consistent in your marketing material, customer service, and culture in your business. Make sure to always align your customer profiles with your branding strategy to make sure your target market is in the front of your mind while making branding decisions. If you are questioning the consistency and overall look of your brand, or whether it aligns with your values, it may be time for a rebrand. Brands evolve and change like anything else.

5.) Building Brand Recognition

So at this point, I applaud you. You have your amazing branding, your story explains your why to your customers, and you are consistent in all your marketing material and messaging. Here is where you go from beautiful branding to developing a community of loyal brand ambassadors who truly believe in what you do. How do you do this you ask?

Become so good at what you do that you become the leader in your industry. And here you think “I am not the leader, there are so many people better than me”. True or not, this mindset is so unproductive and actually holds you back from improving and rising to the top in your industry. If you believe your product or service is mediocre it will continue to stay mediocre. In the beginning, go find your competitors who are successful in your industry and discover what works and doesn’t work for them. Do not copy them but use this information to guide you in your decisions that you apply to your business. Set high expectations and only deliver the best. In time your service and product will grow and people will be searching for you because they know they will only receive the best in quality and service.

Final and most important is confidence. If you are not confident in your brand or service, why would someone want to give you their money if you aren’t even sure you believe in your own business? When you have gotten to the point where your brand is strong and you stand out in your industry, there is no reason to not be confident. You have done it this far and you should be so proud of your product and service that you are flaunting it all over Facebook ads and Instagram like it’s your new baby. Honestly own it and people will see that when they interact with you and your brand. People will buy your confidence and your originality over anything else. If you are confident, genuine, and you provide amazing service to your future clients you are there my friend, just execute and repeat. 😉

If you are interested in rebranding your business or creating a new one altogether, I have attached a branding questionnaire below to get you started with answering the crucial “why” questions to get you started with your new brand.

Free Branding Foundations Workbook

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